My site is down or not responding!

Before submitting a support ticket, if you can't reach your website, please:

1) Check the Announcements page.

2) Check our Server Status page to see if the server your account is on is reporting any problems. If the Server Status page shows a problem with the server, we are already aware of the problem and our techs are working to correct it. If there are no problems reported, proceed to step 3.

3) Check to see if your domain name has expired. There is a "Domain Checker" on the main page of our site, where you can run a search on your domain. This search will show you the expiration date, as well as a wealth of other information regarding your domain name. You can use other Whois engines to find your domain name expiry date. Two popular ones are: or

4) Ask a friend or family member on a different internet connection to see if they can reach your site. The problem could simply be a local ISP network issue or it could be that the firewall is blocking you for multiple failed login attempts.

5) If step 1 through 4 yields no resolution for you, feel free to submit a support ticket. If you believe you may have been blocked in our firewall please visit from the system experiencing the issue, copy the IP Address the site provides to you, and include it in the support ticket so that we can check for it in the firewall.

NOTE: A "page not responding" does not always indicate a problem with your hosting account or domain name.

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